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“I have had Parkinson’s disease for more than 25 years. Working with Grace at Neuro Network has helped me bring back capabilities I thought I’d lost forever. In less than 12 months, we significantly reduced my tremors. I don’t fall any more, and I can cook and do house chores. Best of all, I can smell again! And I have much more control over my life.”

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“I had pain and restricted movement after brain surgery. Neuro Network treatments got me moving again and sleeping better. Now I’m relatively pain-free and can do everyday things, like getting dressed and going to the bathroom. I’m also less bloated and constipated now I’m on the GAP diet.”

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“I have ADHD. The NeuroLAT intensive training program greatly improved my reading comprehension by training me to concentrate.”

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“Neuro Network brain training made it easier to talk to other people. I express myself better and connect more with what they’re saying.”

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“Doing Neuro Network’s intensive brain training made me feel better about myself by helping smooth out my ADHD-related moods. I feel less irritable and angry so I’m getting on better with others.”

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