Our intensive brain training programs are designed to help you or your child build and retain cognitive skills to live a better life.

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NeuroLAT cognitive training program

Enhance your own or your child’s brain function and IQ in just 20-30 minutes a day with an intensive program delivered online.

Neuro Network

Personalised program

Build and sustain new synapses with an artificial intelligence-driven program that customises learning dynamically as progress is made.

Neuro Network

Flexible learning

You or your child can work at your own pace on any connected desktop, laptop or mobile device. It takes just 20-30 minutes a day.

Neuro Network

Proven methods

The NeuroLAT program has helped more than a thousand people with learning and neurological differences develop their cognitive skills.

Neuro Network

Expert guidance

To deliver this program we collaborate with Singapore’s Dr Ng Meng Lek, a qualified psychologist and NeuroLAT pioneer.


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“I have ADHD. The NeuroLAT intensive training program greatly improved my reading comprehension by training me to concentrate.”

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“Neuro Network brain training made it easier to talk to other people. I express myself better and connect more with what they’re saying.”

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“Doing Neuro Network’s intensive brain training made me feel better about myself by helping smooth out my ADHD-related moods. I feel less irritable and angry so I’m getting on better with others.”

Rewire your brain

We can design a personalised plan to help you or your child achieve lasting cognitive improvement.

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