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Neuro Network Australia (Wilforth Pty Ltd ABN. 66 612 890 623) is a cognitive therapies practice operating in Sydney. We work with adults and children with a wide range of clinical conditions, helping them make sustainable improvements to their cognitive skills so they can live a better life.

Yes. Neuro Network Australia and our partner Kids Coaching Indonesia have stayed open throughout the pandemic. We are reducing the risk of transmission by providing virtual treatments wherever possible. At our business locations, we provide hand sanitiser, wear masks and practice social distancing to protect our clients and practitioners.

That depends on your treatment plan. While we can consult with you using Zoom, Google Meet and other digital platforms, many of our therapies require in-person appointments. We’ll explain this to you when we discuss your proposed treatment plan. And if you really aren’t able to come in person, we can tailor a digital-only program.

For your first consultation, allow one to two hours. We will ask you to complete our pre-treatment form and send it to us before you arrive so that we can use our time with you efficiently.

The pre-treatment form gives us an overview of your a medical/developmental history. When you fill it out in advance we don’t have to spend as much time collecting this information during your first consultation. This means we can move more rapidly to discussing your concerns and treatment goals and answering your questions. If you forget to fill the form out beforehand or you simply don’t have time, that’s okay. We will simply work through the questions on the day.

We offer intensive training for your brain based on your specific needs and goals. Together, we figure out what you want to achieve, then we develop a realistic disability support plan designed to make any improvements lasting. The treatments in your plan help you rewire your brain and trigger new synapses so you can rebuild skills or develop new ones. As you progress, you can expect to experience cognitive improvements. For many people, these are transformative, enabling them to do more of the things they want to do and live a better life.

This depends on your cognitive condition and your goals and the treatment plan we propose. For example, for a short-term plan that recommends auditory training you can expect a time commitment of 1-3 hours a day over two weeks. Intensive brain training treatment plans can last months, with a time commitment of one hour a week. Once complete, we recommend maintenance treatments once a month for at least 6-12 months to help you sustain the cognitive improvements you achieve. Many people work with us throughout their lives, returning for an updated plan when things change and they need more support.

We design holistic and personalised programs to improve brain function by combining a range of safe, proven and non-pharmaceutical therapies. To achieve the best possible patient outcomes, we also collaborate with a global network of specialists in different cognitive disciplines. Together, we design comprehensive treatment plans that help people improve their brain function and live a better life.

Yes, we treat adults of all ages who have been diagnosed with a wide range of clinical conditions, mostly neurological – for example, brain injury, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, Parkinson’s disease and cognitive conditions related to polio.

Yes. We treat children of three years and up with many clinical conditions, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), sensory processing disorder (SPD), global developmental delay (GDD), cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. We specialise in helping kids with self-functioning and can design tailored plans to help them achieve missed developmental milestones, such as gross motor skills or language development. Grace, our principal, especially enjoys working with non-verbal children and has helped many make important progress.

Yes. We work with professionals who refer people for disability support programs under the NDIS. In many cases, the NDIS will pay for us to treat you or your child. Check with your NDIS plan manager or support coordinator. (Note that we are in the process of becoming officially registered with the NDIS. However, for many of our treatment modalities, registration is not required for NDIS to pay for treatment.)

Yes. Here are our contact details.

Yes. Simply ask your support coordinator or plan manager to refer you.

Not at all. We treat private clients as well. Please get in touch for an appointment.

After your first consultation, we create an individualised treatment plan for you or your child. Each plan features safe, non-pharmaceutical treatments that deliver proven results. You can access your plan any time at our digital patient centre, which also enables you to track progress and communicate with your practitioner.

Neuro Network programs can be delivered by psychologists and non-psychologists alike. Our practitioners have a wealth of experience working with people with cognitive differences and are trained to deliver our treatments. We specialise in spatial needs, and are certified in auditory training, therapeutic listening, the gut and psychology/physiology syndrome (GAPS) Nutritional Program and rhythmic movement training international (RMTi).

We are trained to deliver a range of effective cognitive therapies. Our treatments include psychological and physical interventions, brain nutrition and therapeutic listening. We also provide intensive brain training programs. All of our therapies are safe, effective and backed by science. They do not require you or child to take medications. To achieve sustainable results, we combine the most useful therapies for each person’s specific needs into a single treatment plan.

We know you can change the biochemical structure of the brain through targeted cognitive therapies – we’ve seen it in patient after patient. But these changes need to be achieved through methods that are practical for each patient, and nurtured so they are sustained. At Neuro Network, we listen closely to your needs. We design your plan around what you or your child can realistically take on, prioritising the interventions based on what needs to be done first to optimise for success. For example, we often recommend a nutritional plan at the outset – because gut health has a direct impact on brain health, improving it can increase the impact of other interventions and make your overall treatment plan more effective. If an intervention isn’t realistic for your current circumstances, we can suggest others. All plans include a maintenance strategy to help you or your child sustain improvements over time.

Our vision is to help you make lasting improvements throughout your life journey. We focus on meeting you where you’re at with practical strategies that work. In our experience, life has a habit of getting in the way, so our treatment philosophy is highly flexible. We adjust plans as needed as treatment progresses. So when you or your child enters a new life phase, encounter new stresses or things simply change, we can pick up where we left off and update your plan so it works for where you are now.

We are happy to work with your care team to deliver the combination of treatments that’s right for you or your child. Our innovative community-based program complements conventional approaches and can in some cases provide an alternative to medication. While medications can be extremely helpful, they often have serious side effects and must be adopted long term, sometimes for a lifetime. Sometimes, they make underlying conditions more manageable without offering strategies for improving them. Our treatments provide natural, holistic and person-centred ways to build cognitive skills. They’re safe, effective and backed by science. So far we’ve helped hundreds of people, at all stages of life, to achieve sustainable improvements that are life-changing.

At Neuro Network, the first step is a flexible and realistic treatment plan that draws on multidisciplinary knowledge to initiate transformation. We adjust the plan as we go to adapt to what’s happening in your life or that of your child and family. For most people, there is a four-week to three-month adjustment period after treatment. Research shows that returning to the same environment with the same stresses can cause hard-won cognitive improvements to lapse gradually. That’s why we provide ongoing treatment to help you sustain your transformation for lifelong impact. When you or your child enters a new life phase or things simply change, we are there to help whenever we’re needed – just get in touch for an appointment.

Where you or your child will benefit from complementary expertise, we work with a multidisciplinary network of specialists to design the most effective treatment plan. Our key collaborators include Dr Ng Meng Lek in Singapore, who we work with to provide NeuroLAT, our IQ enhancement program, and Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride in the United Kingdom, who helps us deliver tailored nutritional programs based on the GAPS Nutritional Protocol. We also collaborate with speech therapists, behaviour therapists and more, depending on you or your child’s specific needs.

We can treat a wide range of neurological and cognitive conditions, including:
• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
• Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
• Bipolar disorder
• Brain injury
• Cerebral palsy
• Complications from polio
• Global developmental delay (GDD),
• Learning difficulties
• Neurological disorders
• Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)
• Parkinson’s disease
• Sensory processing disorder (SPD)

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