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Neuro Network Australia is a brain training centre operating in Sydney with a partner business in Indonesia called Kids Coaching. We use a range of proven techniques to help people with cognitive differences make lasting improvements and lead a better life.

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Meet Grace

Founder, director and practitioner at Neuro Network Australia

Hi, I’m Grace. My vision is to train people with cognitive differences to live a better life. I do this by combining safe, evidence-based treatments into holistic brain training plans that help people achieve and sustain cognitive improvements.

I came to this work from a career in the banking and pharmaceutical industries. After seeing how profoundly non-pharmaceutical neurological treatments can help children, I founded Kids Coaching Indonesia in Jakarta in 2014. The success and impact of this business inspired me to train in psychology and open my Sydney-based practice in 2016, now called Neuro Network Australia.

I believe I’ve found my calling. So far, as a practitioner and spatial needs specialist, I’ve helped more than a thousand adults and children make lasting progress toward cognitive goals. I hope I can help you or your child make positive steps on your own journey.


Postgraduate Diploma, Psychology
Master of Design, Technology and Sustainability


Therapeutic Listening®
Rhythmic Movement Training international (RMTi)
Gut and Psychology/Physiology syndrome (GAPS)

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Meet our collaborators

We work with a range of like-minded professionals with aligned qualifications to deliver multidisciplinary programs and treatments tailored to you or your child. These include local speech, physical and behavioural therapists and a network of global practitioners.

Neuro Network
Dr Ng Meng Lek

Dr Ng Meng Lek is an expert in helping children achieve higher learning abilities. He pioneered NeuroLAT, our IQ enhancement program and delivers it via a cloud-based learning environment that you or your child can access on any device in the comfort of your own home. With a PhD in Educational Psychology, he is based in Singapore.

Neuro Network
Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride is a leading neurologist and neurosurgeon who developed the gut and psychology/physiology syndrome (GAPS) Nutritional Protocol to treat a wide range of conditions, including autism, dyslexia and depression. Based in the United Kingdom, she helps us deliver our tailored nutritional programs.

Kids Coaching Indonesia

We offer our brain training programs to children in Jakarta via our partner, Kids Coaching. Founded in 2014, Kids Coaching’s two centres have empowered more than a thousand children to live life, many entering mainstream school within 12 months.

Upskilling children

We treat children with a wide range of clinical diagnoses, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), sensory processing disorder (SPD), global developmental delay (GDD) and cerebral palsy.

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Rewire your brain

We can design a personalised plan to help you or your child achieve lasting cognitive improvement.

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