Train your brain

At Neuro Network, we help you or your child live a better life with a holistic plan for lasting cognitive improvement.

Our Services

We’re trained to offer safe, evidence-based treatments to help people with cognitive differences improve in a sustainable way.

How we work

We combine proven treatments into a personalised brain training plan for you or your child.

How we help you

Our non-pharmaceutical therapies stimulate and sustain changes in the brain. Whether you have a learning disability, brain injury or another condition that impacts cognition, these techniques can help you.


A holistic plan

We work with a network of like-minded professionals to deliver our treatment plans. This enables us to draw on the most effective therapies for you or your child’s condition to personalise treatment and support progress.

About us


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“I have ADHD. The NeuroLAT intensive training program greatly improved my reading comprehension by training me to concentrate.”

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“Doing Neuro Network’s intensive brain training made me feel better about myself by helping smooth out my ADHD-related moods. I feel less irritable and angry so I’m getting on better with others.”

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“I have had Parkinson’s disease for more than 25 years. Working with Grace at Neuro Network has helped me bring back capabilities I thought I’d lost forever. In less than 12 months, we significantly reduced my tremors. I don’t fall any more, and I can cook and do house chores. Best of all, I can smell again! And I have much more control over my life.”



Rewire your brain

We can design a personalised plan to help you or your child achieve lasting cognitive improvement.

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